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SchemeWise are the experts in complex care support coordination in the ACT and Southern NSW. With many years combined experience in health and community sector planning and services provision SchemeWise offers you peace of mind with your NDIS plan. We know how to assist you to exercise choice and control, build capacity, learn new life skills, as well as engage services and supports. We offer peace of mind so you can live life the way you choose. Need to know more… click the more info button below.

Services Summary

SchemeWise provides two NDIS speciality services (known as core services) for its customers and value-add services open to people living with disability. Value-add services are about capacity building and life skills to help you connect. Our value-add services include nursing (assessment and support by a nurse) and counselling – for you, your carer(s) and/or family.


Achieving your goals

Your goals are our goals - simple as that. And we can help you get there...just choose one or more services from SchemeWise.

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NDIS and you

Learn about the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Local Area Coordinators and how SchemeWise can help you whether you live in the ACT or NSW.

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Choice & control

Make choices right for you without the hassle. You are in control and your say counts with us!

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Engaging with community

Increase your community access and engagement with our value-add services. We can help with day-to-day issues or problems. Community is life at its best!

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Life Transitions

We can help you navigate big and small transitions - whether its going to school, changing schools, get a job, living independently, etc. Call us and talk about your needs obligation free..!

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Complex Care Planning

If you have complex care needs we are experts at planning between mainstream health, community and disability services. We work directly with the NDIS, you and your specialist teams to ensure you are safe, supported and able to live as independently as possible.

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Support Coordination

We can manage your supports so you can focus on the day-to-day. We engage with your existing supports and can find and talk with you about new services and supports too. Plus support coordinators work on your behalf to tell the NDIS how things are going so you don't have to worry.

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Assessments & goals

We offer nurse-based assessments to gather information to support NDIS planning and reviews. Our counsellors can also help with goal-setting, or personal and psycho-social issues to put you on the right path...

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Do you live in the ACT or NDIS Southern NSW area?

SchemeWise is a registered NDIS provider able to deliver services in these areas. Best of all we can travel too you…
So if you need help and would like to talk about your needs we can be there soon!

Support coordination and life transition service areas

We travel regularly around these locations…
Canberra, Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Yass, Cooma, Bungendore, Braidwood, and Batemans Bay just to name a few.
NEW – If you live in the NDIS Murrumbidgee areas of Albury and Wagga Wagga we may be able to help too.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the common questions SchemeWise is asked all the time. You can also click through the top ‘Our Services’ or ‘NDIS and you’ menu items.

What is Support Coordination?

The NDIS provides an option for someone to help you setup service agreements with those services you trust but also new ones to help you achieve your aims. A support coordination can also monitor how your plan is going and can assist you to gather information for annual or requested plan reviews.

What are Life Transitions?

Life transitions happen to everyone. When we leave primary school to go to high school – that’s a transition. When we leave school to get a job – that’s a transistion too. When we leave home to live independently – that’s also a transition. And did you know that if you have health, or mental health issues then recovery back to your normal life is a transition also.

SchemeWise Nursing Services

SchemeWise Registered Nurses can provide nursing services under the NDIS category ‘assessment and support by a nurse.’ This is provided as a therapeutic service under the NDIS and offers a broad range of activities around complex needs, care and planning. See the value-add page for more info.

SchemeWise Counselling Services

We know that sometimes you need to talk things through like when you are trying to work out your goals or when unexpected things happen. SchemeWise counsellors can help with personal, mental health or goal-setting. And they can support your carers or family members too!

Latest articles

Below are the latest articles about the NDIS and SchemeWise which you may find of interest. You can also click the view more button to see our older posts.

know your rights

Know Your Support Coordination and Review Rights

The NDIA has made numerous changes to the role your support coordinator can play to assist you at plan review time.  Its important to understand what your rights are and how these changes affect you. The BIGGEST change is that the NDIA…

hap hols 2

Festive Greetings 2018 – opening hours

SchemeWise and its staff thanks the local ACT and Southern NSW disability communities for its support over 2018.  We wish our valued customers and their providers all the best for a safe, happy and well festive season.  We hope you enjoy the…

complex care

Complex Care Planning

Did you know that SchemeWise provides NDIS-related complex care planning in the ACT, Queanbeyan and surrounds?  There are other providers out there whom will tell you they do this but in our experience they are not clinically trained to offer this service!…

What are life transitions anyway and can SchemeWise help?

Do you know what life transitions are?  Are you aware they can be very stressful? Have you thought about what might be required to help you get somewhere new? Life transitions are about all those times when we are required to make…

Contact Us

Get in touch with us and see how we can help you. we offer no obligation advice on how to get started with plan management or support coordination…or ask after our value-add services for you, your carer(s) or family members.


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