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SchemeWise are your NDIS Support Coordination experts.  Unlike most other similar services SchemeWise specialises in offering this service.  For this reason we don’t provide services like day programs, personal care services or accommodation services.  We specialise in helping you problem solve, with access to services, and to get the most out of community and mainstream service and support options.

The NDIS offers three levels of support coordination if you have this identified in your plan it is possible to use the level most appropriate for your initial needs to get going then change to another level if you need help along the way.  The three types are listed below.

Support Connection (Level 1)

This is a basic level service to help you put supports and services in place.  SchemeWise can assist with Support Connection in a few ways:

– when you know what services and support you want to use but need some assistance to understand an agreement or put one in place; or

– where your existing service / support is not meeting your needs and you need minor assistance to help approach a new one; or

– your you need help to manage the flow of information about you with a service / support (for example, obtaining a service agreement, understanding and completing it, and then providing any additional details the providers needs about you to be able to commence the service / support).

Support Connection is a simple service usually focused on one service or support.  If more than one is required at a time then you need a Level 2 support coordination option.

Support Coordination (Level 2)

Support Coordination (confusing called Coordination of Supports under an NDIS plan) involves helping you locate the best services and supports for you.  We can help you put in place as many service agreements you require – from supports you already use and trust as well as assistance to find new ones to help you achieve your goals.  This level of service generally has a monitoring role to assist you and ensure things keep going well – the NDIS generally requests a ‘progress report’ and at the end of your plan an ‘outcomes report’. SchemeWise also collects information to help you with your annual or requested plan reviews and provides the necessary reports to the NDIS.  If an issue with a service or support does become apparent SchemeWise can also help you sort things out too and get life back on track.

Specialist Support Coordination (Level 3)

This is a specialist service for people living with disability whom have high level needs.  It is a short term service only.  SchemeWise is registered to provide this level of service with the NDIA (ACT) and NDIS Commission (NSW). 

When you use SchemeWise for this level of service we will generally be involved in developing a service ‘fit for purpose’ for your needs.  People with complex needs may need this level of coordination to build services that suit them!

SchemeWise Specialist Support Coordinators generally  interact with service and support providers to design a support for you and ensure the providers people/carers are trained to meet your needs.  After services and supports are in place SchemeWise will keep monitoring things and collecting information for you to support plan reviews as well as complete the required progress and outcomes reports to the NDIS (generally we do all these things at Level 2).

Other things to know…

Another role a support coordinator undertakes is to monitor if things are changing. For example, if you are transitioning between schools, colleges, vocational and tertiary training, housing or even work.  Helping with these transitions is an important way SchemeWise can help you.

SchemeWise Support Coordinators can help you make changes and ensure the rights supports are available to assist you. Similarly, if your condition changes, like you become unwell or your lived circumstance becomes different our Support Coordinators can assist you in a few ways, such as:

      •   Organise or provide you information to support a plan review;
      •   Make suggestions for new or different supports if you ask;
      •   When you ask, making changes to current supports including stopping, starting or altering the number of times you access them; or
      •   Link you with community or mainstream supports to help you get going again.

Not sure how to get started?


We’ve got you covered….

SchemeWise also offers pre-packaged support coordination plans – these can be a great way to get started if you are not sure what support coordination involves or how it will work for you.

We’ve taken all the hard work out of understanding this important support by providing an easy to read and understand offer up front. Just use the table below and match the amount of support coordination in your plan to the nearest pre-packaged amount. It’s that simple!

Coordination is the main ‘core’ activity involved; support time is the follow-up stuff like collecting data, checking things are working and so on; progress and review report times as required to let the NDIS know how your plan implementation is going; and finally face-to-face support at your next plan review so you don’t have to go it alone!  The packages assume access to Support Coordination – Level 2 (the most common level).

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Pre-packaged Plan Options
  • Coordination time
  • Support time
  • Progress reporting
  • Review reporting
  • Attend NDIS review
  • Travel included
  • up to 20 hrs
  • up to 10 hrs
  • 3 hrs
  • 5 hrs
  • 1.5 hrs
  • No
  • up to 40 hrs
  • up to 15 hrs
  • 4 hrs
  • 6 hrs
  • 1.5 hrs
  • No
  • up to 50 hrs
  • up to 20 hrs
  • 7hrs
  • 7 hrs
  • 2hrs
  • Yes

SW phone

Don’t see anything above which matches your needs..? 

That’s OK because SchemeWise can make a package just for you from as little as $1000 to as much as $20,000.  All you need to do is give us a call completely obligation free.  A SchemeWise support coordinator will then meet you to discuss what they can do to help you.

Or, if you prefer we can simply work to your plan budget and advise you along the way.  This means we will only use as little or as much from your support coordination budget as YOU ask for.  And we will keep you regularly informed about funds use under your support coordination budget so you now how tings are going and can make decisions about using those funds to help you achieve your goals. That’s because a SchemeWise support coordinator is a partner with you in helping you achieve your goals.

Don’t have support coordination?

SchemeWise can still help if you have capacity building supports under your plan.  This is because the NDIS provides flexible ways to obtain support coordination type services in specific areas of your life.  The kinds of funding options for ‘life transitions’ can be obtained under Improved Daily Living, Increased Social and Community Participation, Improved Relationships,  Improved Living Arrangements or Improved Learning.

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