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Life Transitions

Under the NDIS you may be able to get support to assist you with life transitions. You can do this if you have plan options like - Improved Daily Living, Health and Wellbeing, Increased Social and Community Participation, or Improved Living Arrangements. SchemeWise is a registered NDIS provider providing transition-based services. We can help with issues like where you live (your home, moving, or find your own home), school changes, moving from school to work, or changes where you live/work because your condition is changing. No matter what your transition is... SchemeWise can help!

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I called SchemeWise to get help moving from school to work. I wasn't sure what to do, where t go or how to get the right support, but SchemeWise was able to help me move through all of it. they were wonderful - they met with me, understood what I wanted ot achieve and then we planned together on how to make it happen. I now have a supported job and love going to work each day!

Once i had a job and had a chance to make new friends I also wanted to move out of home and live with them. I got more help from SchemeWise for this too. I love my new home! Me and my friends have so much fun and we have the supports and assistance we need so our families don't need to worry about us too. Best of all we know if something needs to change and we aren't sure what to do... we can always call SchemeWise again! Thanks for all your help.

May (18 years)

Nursing – Asessments and Support

Nursing assessment and support is accessed under Improved Daily Living or under Health and Wellbeing parts of your NDIS plan. Assessment can help with health and/or disability information and how these affect you. Having an assessment can help you talk with the NDIS about extra supports or different ones you may need in the future. Assessments can also help to improve the health information you have by including functional and/or capacity information so they NDIS can really appreciate your circumstances. SchemeWise nursing support is a little different - support is about gaining new skills that both you and your family or carers can use to support you. For example, SchemeWise nurses can provide raining for feeding, diabetes management, complex care, etc. Another way nursing support can help is for training with continence and related plans or even providing support for catheter changes (for example, supra-pubic catheters).

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Initially the NDIS said no to me getting some supports to help me live independently from my parents. I got a nursing assessment from SchemeWise which provided more advice on how my disability impacted me and what I needed to live independently and safely. My doctor also wrote a letter after seeing the nursing assessment.

I submitted the nurse assessment and doctors letter to the NDIS and I now have a plan in place and am looking to be independent from mum and dad soon. I love them dearly, but they are getting old and I wanted to show them I could live by myself with the right help and supports for me. The SchemeWise nurses were great!

Jennifer, 20 years


Counselling is a person-centred therapeutic service under the NDIS. To use counselling you MUST have Improved Daily Living funding in your NDIS plan. Counselling focuses on allowing you to work through issues in a private and confidential manner to build your capacity and be able to cope with life challenges. The NDIS also allows counselling to be used under your plan by your carer(s) and family so that their capacity to support you is maintained. This is a way of ensuring the important people around you are looked after too. Counselling can help with mental health problems, life transitions, grief, all kinds of trauma & violence (past and present), specific conditions like autism and brain injury, communication and coping skills, building self-esteem and confidence, promoting behaviour change and maintaining/developing relationships. Best of all SchemeWise counsellors can come to you... this is because we know that people living with disability, their carer(s) or family can find it hard to travel for therapy. OUr counsellors can also meet you in the commuity at a place comfortable for you... like a park or coffee shop. Why not find out more....

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My mum and me both saw a SchemeWise counsellor to help with my anxiety. The counsellor helped us break things down and helped me understand and manage my triggers. I could not have done that by myself... The counsellor also helped mum understand what anxiety looked like and how it affected me and what thins she could do to support me when I wasn't coping.

The counsellor was very good with Tom. They took the time to really understand what was important to him and make clear how he could manage his anxiety day-to-day. Even better, Tom began to look forward to friends and school once again. He continues to see his counsellor and they celebrate his successes together. His anxiety doesn't rule his life anymore.

Helen (34y) & Tom (15y)
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