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Life issues or skills...  Transitions...  Mental health concerns...  Carer concerns...

A SchemeWise Counsellor may be able to help you....

Life is about learning.  Life is about growing.  But sometimes its hard to do either if you don’t know what to look for, how to start, or even what questions to ask? This is where counselling can help.

Our counsellors have many years of professional experience helping people navigate and find the answers to these questions in their own life context.  Counselling is a person-centred service available to NDIS participant's, their carer(s) and family.  It is a capacity-building, capacity-enhancing and skills-building therapeutic service.

Counselling is the central way most people access a therapeutic service to do self-work.  Work focused on their their needs, their experiences, and helping each and every individual develop the personal capacity they need in their personal circumstances, with the goal of assisting them to move to the next level of their lives.

SchemeWise Counsellors can help with:

     - Relationships - personal , family and friends

     - Resolving conflict – personal and interpersonal

     - Mental health – such as with depression, anxiety, OCD, panic, psychosis (hearing voices)

     - Neurological conditions like autism (children 10 and up), brain injury, MS, Parkinson's, etc

     - Life Transitions - such as at school, home and work, moving house, moving out and independence

     - Worries, problems, or issues affecting your peace of mind – like addictions, personal issues, safety

     - Trauma (all kinds) - past and present

     - Behavioural issues & management plans – adolescents and above

     - Social skills & learning about different places

     - Life-skills coaching (budgeting, paying bills, help with housing, etc) & personal resilience

     - Grief and grieving (past and present)

     - Coaching & self-improvement (changing habits, etc)

     - Gaining personal insight into your life

We come to you

Yep - that's right... SchemeWise Counsellor's travel to you.  

Our Counsellor's know that it can be hard when people have mobility or other issues which make it difficult to leave home or access therapy services.  Or sometimes life is just too busy or caring responsibilities mean it can be hard to find the time.  Why not take this worry away and let us travel to meet you.

The NDIS now includes provision for therapy travel.  In line with NDIS rates, SchemeWise Counsellor's will include cost of travel up to a maximum travel time of 20 minutes; travel is free after that (in MMM1-3 areas).  In rural areas (known as MMM4-5) the NDIS allows up to 45minutes for travel time.  Generally travel is charged in one direction only (except if you are the last customer in a counsellor's day).

SchemeWise counsellor's can meet you at your home (if it is safe to do so), somewhere in the community (like a coffee shop or park) or can come to an alternative place like a hospital, day centre, etc.   Whatever works!

How do I get started?

To access counselling under an NDIS plan the item 'Improved Daily Living' and sometimes 'Improved Health and Wellbeing' must be included in your plan. 

Under your plan's 'Improved Daily Living' item the NDIS commonly uses words like 'funds to access an allied health professional' - this includes a counsellor - this funding is generally flexible meaning you can use it to access those therapeutic services you think are best for you, at the amount you want.   You could therefore use a bit, some, half or all for counselling if you think this would be of benefit to you - it's your choice!  

For assistance with planning and goal-setting for life transitions - apart from the above your counsellor can help you if you also have 'Improved Living Arrangements' and need help in this area, or Social and Community Participation' if these are specific areas you need to focus on.

If you have 'Improved relationships' funding the NDIS might state that funds are provided for behaviour intervention and management plans - if so our counsellors have experience in this area too (please note: this is different to 'Behaviour Support' which requires a specific specialist to be involved).

Under your plan's 'Health and Wellbeing' item the NDIS will usually specify the exact type of service you have been approved to access - in this case counselling must be specifically mentioned.

So with all that in mind.... the only other thing you need to know is that when you are ready... SchemeWise Counsellor's will organise an initial 20 minute consultation - at no cost - after which if you would like to keep seeing one of our counsellors you simply need to complete a service agreement and provide us details of where to send invoices. SchemeWise will need some personal information from you for the service agreement - like you NDIS number,plan dates, home address, etc.

At your initial meeting a SchemeWise Counsellor will ask about your endeavours for counselling (what you need help with) and can offer some general guidance on how long sessions for different issues, may be required.  At this initial meeting the SchemeWise counsellor will also tell you about the cost of obtaining a counselling service - SchemeWise only charges the applicable NDIS rate.

Your initial consultation, called a ‘getting to know each other session,’ will be general in nature.  The purpose of this session is NOT to provide a therapeutic support but rather for the SchemeWise Counsellor and you to talk and see if you ‘gel’ and will be able to work together in the future.  Just like our Counsellor will get to know you, you will get to know them.  If the initial meeting is OK… then and only then… will you be asked whether you would like to make a booking.  This is our guarantee and as a way to demonstrate to you that we are deserving of your trust, time and effort.

Behaviour Management

We can also help if you you need some behaviour management, support, or strategies developed to assist the people who help and care for you.  OR where you need this for your living situation such as supported independent living (SIL) or supported disability accommodation (SDA) placement.

SW get started

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