For improving your capacity to interact with our website we recommend the following free options:

In all browsers – clicking the disability symbol at the top right of each page will present text -based options to alter the presentation of each page. Options include text resizing, changing the typeface for easier reading, changing contrast and link highlighting.

It is also possible to use a range of screen-readers for people who need this functionality. The following options are available depending on your computer or browser:

For Windows computers – NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free “screen reader” which enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers. It can e obtained at and can be used on your home computer or laptop or also saved to a USB stick so that you can use it on any computer anywhere.

For Mac computers – Apple includes he VoiceOver application within its operating system. More information on using Voice Over is available at

For Linux-based computers – the most popular option is a program known as ORCA with more information available at ORCA is also included in popular distributions like Ubuntu already.

For use anywhere on any kind of computer or laptop there is also WebAnywhere which is a web-based screen reader for all operating systems and all browsers. See

For Chromebook computers (or those using the Chrome Browser ) – there is ChromeVox an add-on that enables your browser to read aloud. More information is at on the Chrome WebStore.

For the Firefox browser – on Windows or MacOS the Native text to speech addon enables read aloud capability. This addon is available at This addon does not require web access, can be used offline for any saved pages and minimises data use overall.  Please note that it only works in Firefox version 50 and later.

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