Get your NDIS docs certified

Did you know?

         ...SchemeWise nurses can certify evidence and identity documents for the NDIS.

That's right!   There are a range of professionals whom can assist you and Registered Nurses are one such group.

SchemeWise nurses can provide certification free-of-charge... or for a small $40 travel fee if we need to come to you.  (Please note: the travel fee is payable in cash or via electronic funds transfer at the time the nurse meets with you).

SchemeWise nurses can certify documents about you OR about a person supporting you (like a plan nominee, parent or family member) if you are over 18 years of age.  Copies of documents our nurses can certify include:

  • - Australian birth certificates, citizen certificates, marriage/baptism certificates, passport documents
  • - copies of drivers licence or other photographic ID
  • - rates, insurance certificates, utility notices
  • - copies of bank statements, credit cards or other low level identifying documents (that usually require 100points to obtain and have the person's name on them)
  • - student cards
  • - professional registration cards/documents
  • - others

You also need to meet several category requirements (certain documents are limited to particular categories and we can help check this for you too... so you can be assured you have everything you need). In most cases, most people need to provide a certain number of documents from at least 2 of 3 categories.

You should also ensure insurance or registration documents show they have been 'paid.'  Notices provided to you which are not paid are not valid.

Utility (bills) and rates notices are OK unpaid (as they usually also show a past paid amount on them from the last billing period).

Usually most documents need to be less than 12 months of age.   Licenses, other photographic ID and passports are exempt from this criteria but must be within the end date.  This criteria does NOT apply to citizenship/birth/marriage/baptism certificates.

Process for getting documents certified

  1. 1. Call SchemeWise or use our contact form to email us (see Contact Us page)
  2. 2. Organise a suitable time and place for a SchemeWise nurse to meet you and review your documents.  If need be pay the required travel fee.
  3. 3. Have your NDIS plan ready - we need to sight your plan ONLY (it will always stay with you) and any NDIS letters for the purpose you are seeking certification of documents (we need to ONLY understand the reason for certification e.g. you wish to appoint a plan nominee and the NDIS has provided you a letter asking that your plan nominee provide 100 points of identification).  Our nurses ask this information as SchemeWise records very basic details about providing this service to you - this includes your name and address, that you are an NDIS participant, your NDIS number, date of your plan and the reason certification is sought. This may include the name of the person being certified. SchemeWise keeps this information safe and it is only used to record that this activity was provided to you/your representative in event the NDIS calls us to clarify that our nurses certified a document.
  4. 4. When you meet with a SchemeWise nurse ensure that the original document/card and a copy of are provided.  Each copy of a document/cards should be on A4 paper.  The copy can be black/white or colour.  Medicare, licences or photographic ID can all be on one A4 page to reduce copy charges and waste (there needs be sufficient blank space however for certification processes (approx 5cmx7cm white area - in addition to page margin of 1cm.)
  5. 5. The SchemeWise nurse will certify the copy only...but must sight the original document/card to ensure the copy is a reflection of the original (NOTE: this is a lawful requirement).  The SchemeWise nurse will then annotate the copy document with a certification stamp, details about SchemeWise, and their relevant details and signature.
  6. 6. You must provide the originally certified (and signed) copy to the NDIS... you cannot make a copy of the certified copy.

See... Easy!


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