Complex Care Planning

Did you know that SchemeWise provides NDIS-related complex care planning in the ACT, Queanbeyan and surrounds? 

There are other providers out there whom will tell you they do this but in our experience they are not clinically trained to offer this service! And clinical training makes ALL the difference!!  Its the difference of really knowing how things work and how to get things done… the right way… the first time!

People receiving complex care often have substantial and ongoing needs – which can be short term or needed for a long time or even indefinitely. These can be the result of chronic illness, disabilities or following hospital treatment.  Complex care is sometimes referred to as long-term care or continuing care.  Sometimes situations like these might change as well… due to circumstances, age, etc, so examining issues, reviewing situations or re-planning with modifications can be required or even essential.

At SchemeWise our complex care planning service is managed by our registered nurses.  Nursing is a particular field where care planning is a central skill.  And just like there is planning for the services and supports you need in hospital, nurses do discharge planning for the services and supports you will need when you go home too. Or, you may have had contact with a community nurse – they might organise services and supports when you are under the weather or have an issue you live with at your home.

SchemeWise nurses can help plan options around complex and other care needs, life transitions, service and support changes, or even when your circumstances change like housing, family, carer options, health needs, or if you are young when you move schools and training of new people to assist you is required.  SchemeWise nurses can also help with assessments, support your daily providers with training to improve your care or support you at an NDIS plan review.

SchemeWise nurses know how to interact with the health, allied health, mainstream, community and disability sectors because they do it every day!  And they understand the information needs of your various providers and services AND the NDIS too.

All you need to be able to use the SchemeWise complex care planning service is an NDIS plan which includes any of the following options in it:

  • Coordination of Supports,
  • Improved Daily Living – allied health and/or therapeutic supports mentioned,
  • Improved Living Arrangements,
  • Increased Social and Community Participation, or
  • Improved Health and Wellbeing – the NDIS will often STATE the supports allowed but if not, this can be used too.

So why not talk to SchemeWise today.  Your enquiry is obligation free and will always remain private.SW get startedSW phone large

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