What are life transitions anyway and can SchemeWise help?

Do you know what life transitions are?  Are you aware they can be very stressful? Have you thought about what might be required to help you get somewhere new?

Life transitions are about all those times when we are required to make fundamental changes to  our life.  Some common examples include:

  • going to school for the first time, or changing between primary and secondary or tertiary learning;
  • leaving home to live independently or in a group house;
  • getting help to solve problems when you live independently  or in support independent living or a group home;
  • coming home from hospital or a long period of respite care;
  • moving house, sometimes moving towns or cities or state/territories;
  • leaving school for work or joining the workforce for the first time;
  • returning to training or education after many years at home;
  • learning to adjust after a new situation arises (for example, if you acquired a disability from an accident or incident); and
  • also thinking about your care needs as a condition you live with changes – examples can include MS, Parkinson’s, psychosocial conditions, autism…

Sometimes these can even happen together and that can be particularly tough!

Assistance with life transitions is a service offered by SchemeWise which helps you to plan and manage any of the above changes aheadsituations providing support and coordination services even if you don’t specifically have support coordination in your NDIS plan.  Most often this service may only be required for a few weeks or a few months just to help you improve your ability to manage the transition to the new circumstance.

SchemeWise can help through activities like:

  • coordinating with and putting in place plans between your doctor, family, school, employer, and/or other support structures;
  • obtaining information or assist with training for you or your support network;
  • liaising between parties on your behalf and to reach a common understanding for a situation which confronts you;
  • liaising with schools and teachers around options they may need to consider to assist you to transition; or even
  • ensuring information between systems like the health, community, or disability sectors occurs so that the right people are present around you and they have the right information to support you.

If you need assistance with a Life Transition you can obtain this under capacity building NDIS plan options like Improved Relationships, Improved Living Arrangements, Increased Social and Community Participation or Improved Daily Living.  So why not enquire today…?!

Don’t do it tough… do it with help!

The SchemeWise life transition service is there to increase and assist your capacity to manage life changes…. talk to us today obligation free.


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